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Our parabolic sole unit offer the wearer superior grip and comfort. A concave structure allows progressive bending of the sole unit for maximum grip. Parabolic sole units offer you comfort when walking. With every step, the recycled energy gives you a spring in your step and provides an anti-fatigue effect to your legs.
A diagram that shows how ParoBolic technology footwear helps beat fatigue


DDR Sole Technology is made up of a rubber midsole and outsole layer. The chemical bond between these layers is so strong that glues are not needed to hold them together. The rubber fuses to the upper as it is applied using heat and pressure, this means that it does not suffer from adhesive failure. DDR uses high density rubber that is highly abrasion resistant, slip resistant to SRC, and heat resistant to 300°C. DDR is the best sole compound for people working in the toughest environments such as groundworks, construction, engineering, utilities and rail.


Features excellent design and the use of exclusive rubber compounds to make the sole unit extremely slip resistant.


Bi-Densite technology has alternating polyurethanes of varying densities which provides maximum shock protection to your heal.


Jointly developed for the construction industry, Duo-Protection has a double high-resistance stainless steel and textile composite midsole for maximum safety in the most extreme working conditions.


Waterproof membrane which covers general demands in everyday life and particularly outdoor working. The waterproofness of the membrane is measured on the basis of the water column under the pressure of which the material starts to allow water through it. According to EN 343 a membrane is waterproof if it can resist a pressure of 1,300 mm. Pursuant to ISO 811 the Sympatex membrane far exceeds these values and is extremely waterproof with a water column of over 45,000 mm.


As the human body can contain electrostatic energy when insulated from the ground, professional footwear is regularly involved in the security of the processes where it is essential to prevent electrostatic charges from building up (Handling ESD sensitive components in the automotive and electronic sector, particularly). Electrostatic dissipative footwear is especially designed to provide a ground connection for personnel, through their feet, which is necessary when standing on an electrostatic control surface.


Extremely breathable polyamide lining. It absorbs moisture quickly and ensures a greater comfort during the whole working day. B-dry lining also features optimal resistance to abrasion and anti-bacterial.


PU-Rubber soling technology combines the lightweight, shock absorbing properties of PU with a durable, heat resistant, high grip rubber outsole. This sole offers flexibility and an athletic feel is suitable for most industrial work areas.


Composite – Protection for Increased comfort and safety.

Benefits include:

  • Resistant penetration even by small – diameter nails
  • Greater protected surface area of the foot
  • Zero Traceability by metal detector
  • Greater ground adherence
  • Lightweight
  • Thermo and Electro isolation.


Rahman manufactures their own steel toe caps. The steel toe cap is designed in such a way that when integrated into the shoe system it provides a survival space for toes keeping them safe and comfortable.


Performance Brands non-metallic range features toe caps made from Fiberglass and Polycarbonate. These materials are ultra-tough and extremely lightweight and often used in the production of bullet resistant glass as well as being used for helmets and other PPE equipment. These toe caps have been developed and produced in our own factory to ensure ultimate quality and performance.


Performance Brands Clean Room / Food Processing range features micofibre uppers. This material is designed to withstand instances of liquids and splashes than conventional leather uppers in the work environment ensuring a greater performing long lasting product.


Open Cell Memory Foam Footbed Our memory foam footbed provide the wearer with extreme comfort while absorbing all the shocks of the day. Our footbed is moisture wicking breathable, anti-static and antibacterial.


The cleats in the sole unit are evenly, openly spaced, with gentle curves which prevents dirt getting clogged. Our sole unit is self-cleaning so as the wearer walks, the shape of the sole changes allowing dirt to be dislodged.