Trek Noir S3 – Vibram Hiker

SB - No
S1 - No
S2 - No
S3 - Yes
S4 - No
S5 - No
E - No
P - Yes
SRA - No
SRB - No
SRC - Yes
F2A - No
Fe - No
WG - No
AL - No
CR - No
WR (Water Resistant) - No
ESD - No
HRO - Yes
CI - No
HI - No
M - No
PU - Yes
PU/RU - Yes
DDR Technology - No
Vibram - Yes
ParaBolic - No
The Trek Noir is a hiker boot suitable for most industrial applications. Typical applications include rail, utilities, construction or any outdoor use. The textile midsole makes the boot ideal for driving as the shoe is very lightweight and flexible. 100% non-metal.
Product Code: PB243
Standard: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC
Weight: 770 grams
Colours: Black
Size Range: 2-14

Upper: Water Repellent Pull-Up Leather with Abrasion Resistant Groove Scuffcap.

Inner Lining: Three Dimensional Micro-Porous Textile, High Breathability.

Toe Cap: HDFC Fibreglass.

Midsole: High Tenacity Composite Fabric <<0>> Penetration.

Sole Unit: Lightweight PU /Vibram® Rubber Soling System. Soft, Light and Highly Slip Resistant. Heat Resistant to 300°C.

Footbed: Moisture Wicking, Breathable, and Washable Footbed.