Lemaitre Lemat Coolmax Crew Socks

SB - No
S1 - No
S2 - No
S3 - No
S4 - No
S5 - No
E - No
P - No
SRA - No
SRB - No
SRC - No
F2A - No
Fe - No
WG - No
AL - No
CR - No
WR (Water Resistant) - No
ESD - No
HRO - No
CI - No
HI - No
M - No
PU - No
PU/RU - No
DDR Technology - No
Vibram - No
ParaBolic - No
The Lemaitre Coolmax Socks are thick, warm socks that keep your feet dry. They are a comfortable sock with good thermal insulation.
Product Code: FA25
Colours: Black/Grey
Size Range: XS - XL
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Moisture Wicking: The combination of PES Coolmax® and wool wicks away perspiration whilst providing excellent thermal insulation. This mix is used in ski equipment and is recognised for its effectiveness.

Comfort: Minimal irritation thanks to reinforced terry fabric in the heel and toe areas.  Semi-cushioned sole providing maximum comfort.  A non-friction band protects the foot and provides relief all through the day

Fit: Fine rib guarantees a perfect fit around the top and adjustment band around the foot

Composition: 50% PES Coolmax®, 37% wool, 11% polyamide, 2% elastane.