Dexter Lightweight Non-Metal Safety Trainer

SB - No
S1 - Yes
S2 - No
S3 - No
S4 - No
S5 - No
E - No
P - Yes
SRA - No
SRB - No
SRC - Yes
F2A - No
Fe - No
WG - No
AL - No
CR - No
WR (Water Resistant) - No
ESD - No
HRO - No
CI - No
HI - No
M - No
PU - No
PU/RU - No
DDR Technology - No
Vibram - No
ParaBolic - No
The Dexter is suitable for most industrial applications. Typical applications include warehousing, manufacturing and distribution.
Product Code: PB309
Standard: EN ISO 20345:2011 S1P SRC
Weight: 480 grams
Colours: Back/Red
Size Range: 6 – 12

Upper: Water resistant textile.

Inner Lining: Three-dimensional micro-porous textile with high breathability.

Sole Unit: Lightweight EVA/Rubber soling system with anti-static properties, shock absorption, heat resistance to 120°C and SRC rated slip resistance.

Toe Cap: Composite resistant to 200J.

Midsole: Textile midsole – Min. 1100N.

Footbed: Washable footbed.