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Protect visitors to your workplace

Many companies ask what is the best way to protect visitors to the workplace?

The easy answer is make sure any visitors do not enter areas where your risk assessment indicates they could be at risk, however this is not always possible. In cases where visitors are operating within the business then appropriate care must be taken to reduce and prevent any risk of injury.

One area to consider is the wearing of appropriate safety footwear. It is not always the case that visitors come prepared with safety footwear or even that the footwear they are using is suitable for your site.

Some companies keep a stock of basic footwear in reception and issue it to visitors. This has a number of problems. Firstly from a hygiene view point visitors do not like wearing boots previously used by multiple wearers. Secondly fit is often an issue as the footwear can be ill fitting, uncomfortable and unsuitable for the wearer.

The best option is to keep a range of Tiger Grip overshoes available for Visitors to wear over their existing footwear.

This has a number of benefits:

  • Hygiene – The wearer does not have to change out of their existing footwear
  • Unisex – The Tiger Grip range is unisex and provides instant fit no matter what footwear you are wearing
  • Economical – The Tiger Grip range can be reused many times and due to the strength of the product will last for years
  • Storage – Three to Four SKUS cover all sizing options on Tiger Grip styles, this reduces the need to keep multiple sizes in reception of footwear
  • Choice – Within the Tiger Grip range you can specify the exact requirement for the site, if you just need Toe impact protection or Underfoot Midsole protection it can be covered
  • Slip Resistance – Tiger Grip is the leading provider of slip resistant products so not only are you protected against impact but you also ensure that the best levels of slip resistance are provided.