G12 Lined Driver SAF006

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Abrasion Resistance: 2
Cut Resistance: 1
Tear Resistance: 4
Puncture Resistance: 2

Perf Lined Drivers Glove SAF006.


Standard: EN388:2003 
Packaging: 10 Pair Pack. 100 Pair Carton. 
Colour: Black
Size Range: 9-10

G12 Lined Driver SAF006

Material: Soft Grain Leather.

Inner Lining: Cotton Fleece.

Additional Features: Elasticated Cuff and Keystone Thumb.

Transport, Distribution and Logistics. Ideal for roping and securing loads. Comfortable and flexible enough to use for driving.

  • This glove does not protect from chemical, bacteriological, electrostatic and thermic hazzards. 
  • Do not use when working with rotating parts.
  • Used gloves with obvious damage do not offer any protection and must be replaced.